Pilihan Tepat Untuk Kebutuhan Palang Parkir dan Pintu Otomatis Anda Adalah di BFT Bandung


  • MAXIMA 30
  • MAXIMA60
  • MAXIMA 80
  • 230Vac electromechanical barrier for intensive use for passages from 1,7 m to 8m, suitable for installation in large parking areas.
  • Self-supporting structure in powder coated cataphoresis treated steel with self-cooled oil bath gearmotor housed inside.
  • Smooth bar movement thanks to the rod/crank transmission mechanism. Incorporated boom holder, installation template (as optional) and control unit.
  • Barrier with 230V power supply for intensive useful passage up to 8m and opening time up to 1,7 sec.
  • l Smooth bar movement thanks to the rod/cranck transmission mechanism.




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